Survey Results

DLR Group's co-creative process is underpinned by our commitment to Listen to Learn.

From February 24th - 28th, 2017, a six-question survey was open to The Company's four partners.

What three words best describe your vision for The Company's new workplace environment?
Thinking about The Company's culture, how often do the following come to mind?
In The Company's new workplace, employees will feel...
In The Company's new workplace, clients will feel...
I want a design partner who is...
Do these workplaces speak to you?

3: Extremely

1: Extremely, 2: Moderate, 1: Somewhat

1: Extremely, 2: Moderate

1: Moderate, 2: Somewhat

1: Moderate, 1: Somewhat, 1: Not at All

3: Slightly

1: Extremely, 2: Not at All

1: Slightly, 2: Not at All

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